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Sam Shivute – Transforming Your Life With the Right Choices 

Through sheer determination, passion and grit, Sam Shivute was able to go from an assistant taxi driver to a high flying executive in the banking sector. 

Overcoming life’s challenges to transform his life and become the best version of himself, he now uses his story of hope to inspire fellow Namibians to tap into their hidden potential to conquer their dreams.

In this MYD Africa Golden Moments Series, we take a journey through some of the magic of MYD interviews, including this inspired chat with one of Namibia’s most sought after Motivational speakers.

MYD: You juggle so much but you’re always in good spirits and you just keep on going. How do you do it?

It’s a choice that I make. I always tell people that life is all about choices, so I’ve chosen to be positive, I’ve chosen to be happy, I’ve chosen to focus on nothing but solutions and that’s why I’m always inspired and energised.

MYD: You’ve been to a personal coaching training program in the UK, tell us more about it?

Many people do not understand the difference between coaching and mentoring, and with this program one really understands the distinction. In coaching we do not offer solutions. It’s not about me giving you advice, in actual fact it’s more about you learning more from your clients who then give you a framework and concept that can allow you to be in a position to ask very relevant questions.

MYD: How important is it to find mentors and or as a mentors, to find mentees to mould?

People are always willing to assist. In my life I have had many mentors and what I have learnt is that in most cases you will not approach a person to mentor you and have them respond that they don’t have time. People are willing to help. 

In true Sam Shivute style, his parting wise words are as follows: 

“I want people to understand that success doesn’t happen by chance, it doesn’t happen by accident, it should be your deliberate effort, it’s a choice that you make.”

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