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Saving Rhino Through Film

“The Trader’s List”

This is not just another rhino poaching story…

This is story about courage, heart and awareness.

This is a story about social responsibility. Our responsibility.

Written by Severino Willemse & Nicole Louw, this adventure/drama follows the story  of Veterinarian Doctor Martin Nel as he alone goes tracking after a group of rhino poachers.

Inspired by True Events, “The Trader’s List” focuses on the Poaching Syndicates of Africa and their branches to other parts of the world. Set against the background of the rhino poaching crisis and the brave men and woman fighting to save the last rhinos

“The real reason for the poaching is not the poachers themselves, but the demand for rhino and elephant products, both as mythical and ornamental products. Statistics reveal that more than 80% of consumers – mostly Asian – are unaware of the crisis and where these products originate,” says writer/director Nicole Louw.

This is our fight, let’s do our part by raising awareness through this film.

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