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The MYD Africa Show with Afra Shimming-Chase


The MYD Africa Show – The Mindset of True Empowerment

Transforming Your Wealth Stories with Afra Schimming-Chase

Afra is a powerhouse African woman, a motivational speaker and Financial Planner. Afra through sharing her personal experience empowers us to understand personal power, especially in the context of personal wealth.

“When I looked back into my past, and we can all do that, look for positive things in our past. For me I chose to become an entrepreneur about eleven years ago and every day of my life I’m still scared. But at the same time both my grandfathers, maternal and paternal, were businessmen in the early 1900’s. Both black men, so who am I to say to myself ‘I can’t do it’? I’ve got examples of ‘I can’.”

In this episode of the MYD Africa Show, Afra shares insight in how to use challenging times to transform your wealth stories.

“I’m really looking at these tough economic times as opportunity for learning.”

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