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Smart Toilets Are The Latest Tech Fad

“Alexa, flush the toilet, I’m done”

You think I’m exaggerating?! I assure you I’m not.

What’s currently trending on the Tech front?! Could it be the latest Iphone? 3D TV’s? Futuristic self-driving cars? NO! The Answer…Smart Toilets. Get ready to add Smart Toilets on your list of  Tech ‘must haves’.

It seems a little silly taking a pot that you do your business in and making it “smarter,” but it’s already happening.

Here are the most advanced (and trending) Smart Toilets on the market



Kohler’s Numi toilet

Features of Numi with KOHLER Konnect can be controlled through voice-command, the KOHLER Konnect app, or the remote. It includes an integrated foot warmer, heated seat, deodorizer, air dryer, bidet, motion-activated cover and seat, and of course an illuminated touchscreen panel with support for MP3 music playback. Yep, you can listen to music while you’re taking a … well, while you do your thing. Doing the number two never sounded so good…lol.


Toto Neorest 700H

The Toto Neorest 700H smart toilet is a perfect combination of eco-friendliness and luxury.. Made from ceramic the ADA compliant model features an automated lid. The slow close lid will open itself once it senses your presence and closes when you step away from it. Another terrific thing about this model is that it saves water. It even goes a step further to electrolyze the water so that you get a clean flush every time. The automated hands-free flush is guaranteed to keep the bowl clean. The air deodorizer will see to it that the air remains fresh.



While dogs don’t typically do their business inside, cats do. So why not a smart toilet for them, too? I’m not completely sold of the look of LavvieBot, I mean it looks more like a Dryer than a litter, plus the space it takes. If you don’t mind the size and look, Lavviebot  is an automated cat litter box that can clean up waste and refill the litter when the time comes. You’ll still have to clean out the device every couple weeks, but it buys you some more time if picking up after your pet is a dreaded chore. The box has a connected app that will let you know when your cat has used it, in case that’s information you need. LavvieBot will be launching in May 2019 on Indiegogo.

The Future of Smart Toilets

There are toilets in Japan that are being built that  will perform a urinalysis after people do their business, and then inform them whether or not they have diabetes — or are at risk for it. You can learn a lot by analyzing stools and urine. Toilets may soon be able to tell women they are pregnant by analyzing urine, or that someone has colon cancer thanks to their stool. It seems that’s one of the main uses for smarter toilets, keeping us healthy, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.