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Snake Awareness, Education and Understanding

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we are joined in studio by Ipinge Agapitus from the Snake Conservation Association of Namibia.

Ipinge shares here about snakes, their behaviours and what you need to know when encountering a snake or preventing their arrival in your home. Through an understanding of how, and why Snakes fit into our ecosystem, Ipinge, in this episode of the MYD Earth Show, inspires a respect for snakes.

”Snakes are a sign of a healthy eco system as and we know we’re all part of a natural system, every animal and plant has its role.”

“Particularly snakes, you’ll find that people in areas that have low populations of snakes you’ll find an increase in populations of rodents… that can spread diseases, and so if you see snakes (when you do see them because most of the time they are trying to hide from people) it’s a sign that they are trying to keep the balance because they are actually looking for food. Typically if you’re encountering a snake in your house, it probably means that you’ve got an increase in population of mice, rates and lizards.”

In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • Why an understanding of the behaviour of snakes will empower you
  • What your mindset should always be when encountering a snake
  • What the truth is and what the myth is when talking snakes

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Ipinge Agapitus, here :


For more information get in touch with the Snake Conservation Association of Namibia through their Facebook page here or call 0812900343