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Sun Powered Mobility Solutions

A solution to overloaded transportation systems in Namibia, that presents a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, Suncycles Namibia is fast graining traction as a Namibian start up with a strong environmental consciousness.

“Namibian itself is still a very young country and we still have the opportunity to create our own destiny or future. So I think it’s very important, not only what we’re doing, but that what others are doing has a sense of sustainability to it, so there is something for future generations.” ~ Marita van Rooyen

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we speak to the co-founders of Suncycles Namibia, Marita van Rooyen and Bernhard Walther, about their e-mobility and solar recharge systems and their solution towards sustainability in transportation in Namibia.

“Sustainability for me, includes not using fossil fuels and giving the next generation the same possibilities as we have.” ~ Bernhard Walther

In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • How Suncycles Namibia came about
  • The advantages involved in harnessing the sun’s energy to power mobility
  • Sustainability plans for the future for this Namibian start up

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Marita van Rooyen and Bernhard Walther, here :


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