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Remy Ngamije

H Is For Hawk

A surprisingly poignant read about an unfamiliar topic. For many people, nonfiction means textbooks. Thick, boring textbooks filled with facts that need to be memorised when they are not understood….

The MYD Show – Magic Moments : Knowing Yourself

As we explored knowing yourself, we uncovered that there is freedom in being true to yourself and this comes through a deep connection and knowing of who you are. Over…

The MYD Show – I Am Free To Own Me

You offer the world an incredible gift when you offer the gift of you, because you are a once in a lifetime. As we continue to look at the freedom…

How Dance Twirls with Liberty and Release

“When you get to a salsa class and you dance, all of that busy-ness in the mind disappears. It is a necessary release.” To dance Salsa is to let you…