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The Art of Finding Oneself

“Love your body, drop your judgement and celebrate life through abundance.”

Art has been called “simply the vehicle for an idea”. The vehicle towards the best of the new year is one which brings us to understanding ourselves. Just as art stems from within, so too do all of our successes.

Considering the well known saying by Joseph Beuys, “everything is art and everyone is an artist”, this festive season, armed with a little more free time on our hands, why not knock on the door of your inner creative and find the beauty of the art that is YOU.

99FM’s MYD Art spoke to Nic Kolbe to find out how in three easy steps we can tap into the beauty of our inner world. Nic is the founder of BeLight Namibia and has studied the philosophy of Yoga and Meditation in Buddhism and Hinduism with guidance of great masters internationally.

Finding yourself over the festive season in three easy steps by Nic Kolbe

  1. Love your body as if it is your closest friend. In the shower say: “I love you”. This will help you to connect with the Innate intelligence of your body. Your body will eventually respond and you will feel a deep level of connection and all the benefits of it.
  2. Stop judging yourself! Stop judging others! Stop judging situations. Your judgement lowers your frequency. You are a beautiful and radiant being and perfect!
  3.  “Thank you, bring me more” The gratitude for what is and what is to come. Existence is abundant and wants you to be in abundance. How much do you allow? Abundance is to have what you need, when you need it, with extra to share. It is not about food and shelter, it is about the things that you need in your life to be comfortable and more balanced. Allow 2016 to be the year that you deserve.

Love your body, drop your judgement and celebrate life through abundance…

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Love and light

You can get in touch with Nic through his website here : BeLight Healing