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The B2GOLD Rhino Gold Bar –  Going gold for a change 

In the third and final episode of this special podcast highlighting the B2Gold Rhino Gold Bar Mark Dawe, Managing Director and Country Manager of B2Gold Namibia, sat down with 99FM’s Ché Ulenga to talk about the Rhino Gold Bar’s features, how to purchase, and how the purchase of a gold bar will contribute to the survival of the rhino. 

CU: Mark, how will an investment in the Rhino Gold Bar work; what is the investment like in action?

MD: An individual or a corporate would purchase a gold bar: it could be a small gold bar of half an ounce, it could be a large gold bar of one ounce, or it could be 500 gram (half a kilogram) bar which, of course, is far more expensive. The money that we receive (including the conservation premium) would be deposited into an account. The account would be managed by a committee that will consist of representatives from the conservation organisations and, of course, B2Gold.

The committee would decide how to disperse that money, but the fundamental premise is that we will use the conservation premium of 15 percent on top of the spot price of gold at the time to immediately fund various projects within the organisations which then fund the communities. So, the organisations are actually entirely dependent on the communities for the support of the rhinos. The remainder of the money will go into an interest-bearing account which would derive maximum interest and the money will be used in two ways: to derive cash flow from the interest earned and to reinvest into future gold bar sales. 

The future gold bar sales would essentially mean that we have a continuous flow of revenue ad infinitum for the rhino conservation cause. I think it’s an incredible initiative that Ginger Mauney from Save The Rhino Trust came up with which my team and I took further.

CU: What are some of the special features of the Rhino Gold Bar?

MD: This is a completely unique initiative; it’s never been done before. We intend to produce the three bars as I said to you before –  the half kilogram, the one-ounce, and the half-ounce bars. Each of the bars would have a rhino mother and calf stamped onto the gold. We’ve used an artist who is actually a sculptress and she’s very experienced with the creation of a lot of special-edition numismatic coins and various other coins throughout the world. For anybody that wants to invest in a gold bar like this, you will be buying something absolutely stunning. 

The small half-ounce bars are actually perfect as pendants, the one-ounce bars are a little bit too heavy for that but they are wonderful to collect and, of course, the half kilogram bars you put deep in your safe and make sure that nobody gets there!

For more information about the B2Gold Rhino Gold Bar, please email rhino@B2gold.com

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