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The Business Sense of Empowering People

“People are your frontline and your front line is your bottom line”

A go to name in sound, lighting, staging and audio visual services, dB Audio Namibia has become a powerhouse of Namibian businesses. Demonstrating clearly that you need to firstly not abandon your vision and secondly care for your staff to achieve greatness.

Using technology to help clients communicate, dB AUDIO Namibia has become a sought after communications partner for some of the country’s biggest corporate and public institutions as well as entertainment organisers.

99FM’s MYD Smart sat down with the names behind the brand, David Benade and Ernst Steynberg, to find out what their winning recipe is to business.

99FM’s MYD Smart asked :
How did DB Audio come about?

“dB AUDIO was founded in 2004 and we rapidly established ourselves as a one-stop shop for the technical management of live event productions. Right now we employ 43 full-time staff but from the onset, we realised that one of our biggest challenges was finding qualified and experienced technicians/engineers/designers for our field.  This is why we started providing on-the-job training and promoting peer education. We quickly decided that capacity building had to be at the forefront of our operations. We believe that shows are made by people – not only equipment – and therefore we aggressively seek out young Namibians to train and incorporate into our operations.  We provide internships for talented individuals and regularly present formal training courses. Most staff members have obtained some form of formal qualification whilst in dB AUDIO Namibia’s employ”

What does DB Audio stand for today?

“dB Audio is a platform for young Namibians who are interested in technical event support to be exposed to the industry and learn the business.  We also believe that we’ve been blessed and therefore we bless in return – that is the motto behind our CSI & CSR endeavours.”

What has been the proudest moment in the evolution of the business?

“Perhaps the proudest was our recent Open House on 27 July 2015.  It was so exciting to see talented young Namibians passionately engage with a dynamic industry.”

What do you think is a critical factor for businesses in Namibia to consider?

“We live in such a diverse society, we have so much in common, and yet have so many differences.  Namibian business needs to learn to embrace cultural diversity.  And to realise that culture extends beyond race.  We need to consider gender, age, religion etc.”

What is the best business advice you ever received?

“That people are your frontline and your front line is your bottom line.”

Many businesses start and neglect to focus on what is most important in their business – how do you maintain focus on what’s important to you?

“We put a lot of effort into developing our Vision, Mission & Values and we consistently refer back to them as our guiding source.”

If you want to get in touch with the team at dB AUDIO take a look at their website here : dB AUDIO Namibia