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The MYD Show – Balance and Cycles with the Inventor of the Robohand, Richard Van As

Richard Van As is the award winning inventor of a robotic hand, the Robohand. After severing all the fingers on his right hand in a woodworking accident, Richard, needing the use of his hand for his trade, starting working on making himself a robotic hand that was not only functional but also affordable. His invention is remarkable, awarded and available for anyone to download on the internet, for free.

Today millions of people around the world have downloaded the design for the robotic hand and Richard has travelled the world sharing his story and working with prosthetic teams, even in war zones, assisting people to gain mobility and functionality of their limbs.

Richard Van As has been featured on major media channels around the world, and following his partnership with a Namibian company, Gadget Boy 3D Solutions, joined us in 99FM’s MYD Studio to talk about his highly awarded invention.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Richard Van As, shares with us :

  • What lead him to invent the Robohand
  • Why Richard made his invention available online for free
  • The invention that followed the Robohand, that is assisting more people around the world
  • The joy that sharing this design with the world has brought Richard

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Richard Van As, here :