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The MYD Show – Discussing Tolerance with Berrie Holtzhausen

In this episode of the MYD Show we take a look at one mans journey to help people in Namibia living with Dementia, that man is Berrie Holtzhausen.

Ndjinaa after she was freed from her chains, with the team from Alzheimer’s Dementia Namibia.

Berrie is the founder of Alzheimer’s Dementia Namibia, an organisation that looks to assist people living with these diseases.

His passion to create such an organisation came about after he found a woman by the name of Ndjinaa who was chained up because her community thought she was a witch. Ndjinaa had been chained up for 20 years because it was thought she was a witch when she was simply ill with the disease Dementia.

In this episode of the Show, we hear about Alzheimer’s, Dementia and the man who is working to dispel the myths around these diseases.

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