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The MYD Show – I Am Free To Know Me

A freedom we all own is the freedom to search within ourselves, to find ourselves, to know ourselves and to express that uniqueness to the world.

Sharing with us how we are all creations and how we have the opportunity to create in our own lives, MYD was this week joined by Tanya Turipamwe Stroh, a Creative Director, Thinker, Maker and Doer who inspired us with her TEDx Windhoek talk on how art has the ability to change everything.

As another key component of knowing yourself is understanding how your emotions drive your behaviour. As such, MYD was joined in studio by Namibian Clinical Psychologist Siegfreid Lange to talk about emotions, what they are, how to manage them and how emotional intelligence is a key factor in our success in life. Sigi is well known in Namibia for the work he does on Emotional Intelligence and most notably for the book that he wrote on Emotional Intelligence, “True Emotional Freedom.”

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