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The MYD Show – The Path to Peace with Hilda Basson-Namundjebo

A strong Namibian woman, Hilda Basson-Namundjebo, has a long history in the media in Namibia having started her broadcasting career on the set of Good Morning Namibia at Independence. Today, she is a highly awarded businesswoman who owns and runs Oxygen Communications and recently launched the Patriot Newspaper. Hilda sat down to share with us on what her journey has been like and where she finds her strength.

In this episode of the MYD Show Hilda Basson-Namundjebo, shares with us :

  • Her life journey and who inspired her
  • The importance of purpose and passion
  • Her take on being called the ‘iron lady’ and what she would like to be known for
  • The Namibia she would like to see for her children

Watch the highlights here:

Or if you prefer take a listen to  the MYD Show or download it –  with Hilda Basson-Namundjebo, here :