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The Seed of the Soul in Song

Daena Weeks’ sultry voice is fast becoming a notable name on the Namibian music scene. About to launch her first album, Daena has gathered herself a large and loyal following in a short space of time, a following that is captivated by her melodic music that speaks to the soul. This dynamic Namibian born woman exudes authenticity but more than her general likability, her textured and hauntingly provoking music is proving to be the kind of ear worm we all want to have.

Daena 299FM’s MYD Art sat down with Daena to talk about the process to launching an album and why knowing yourself as an artist is key.

Having dreamt of being a singer since a child, it seems Daena was destined to be a musician, “I had a dream to sing since I was a child, my parents motivated me to pursue this love of mine.”

“I’ve had ups and downs along the way. When I turned 18, I felt I hadn’t practised and pursued playing the guitar as much as I could have and I had a lot of battles with myself, thinking I wasn’t good enough yet. Then I realised that I just need to start practising now, it’s now or never. Now I feel much more comfortable and it’s great.”

AB 2When asked how she got to a place where it feels great Daena says that, “If this is something you want, you have to work for it. Music gives me the biggest inspiration in life and I knew that if I didn’t pursue it, I would regret it. I knew I’d be more miserable because of not pursuing it than the fear of actually pursuing it. Of course there were a few road blocks along the way, but you’ve got to just go for it anyway.”

“Any creative expression that you feel, even if you fear it being judged, put it out there. It’s about being vulnerable and even if you don’t get the reaction you want, you know that you did it. Receiving this feedback and still loving yourself unconditionally is how you know yourself.”

Daena Album 2Daena is the personification of creative expression, being a singer, playing the banjo, ukulele and guitar she is also a yoga instructor and makes craft jewelry using raw materials like gems, stone, wood and more.

When explaining the process of producing her new album, Daena explains that, “Producing this album, I had to know myself, when you’re doing an album you need to know where you want to go and be assertive about the direction you want to take.”

Releasing this week, the much anticipated album is called Sowing Seeds and after it’s launched Daena says she’s like to go on tour with it, “Africa is my home and so I want to tour Africa with this new album.”

AB 1When asked what it is like to work as an artist in Namibia or in Africa Daena cheerfully says, “There are more and more opportunities for artists these days. Especially if you put yourself out there and do the work. And art is growing in Namibia, a lot of artists are putting out their art and inspiring more artists to do the same. It is amazing to live in Africa as an artist, right now.”


You can find out more about Daena Weeks through her Facebook page here : Daena Weeks
Or her Soundcloud page here : Daena Weeks

Or join her for the album launch on the 21st of April 2016 in Windhoek. You’ll find more information by clicking here : Sowing Seeds Album Launch



Article by Kirsty Watermeyer