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#TheTribe Exclusive Featuring Bomba Shigwedha

Bomba Shigwedha is an ambitious entrepreneur who has made a tremendous impact on the Namibian entertainment scene. He has empowered many musicians through innovative and inclusive projects like Kasi Vibe Festival, The Garden Inn, and more recently, Sound Wave Africa. 

In this episode of #TheTribeExclusive, he shares his vision of using #TherapySessions, to give artists a performance outlet in a time when gigs and shows have been canceled.

How did the #TherapySessions come about?

The idea came about after the lockdown. From the first episode, I realized how big it could be so we changed the name to #TherapySession because this is more like a therapy session to everyone who is at home.

It’s a break from the current reality and the idea is to continue even after the lockdown.

Why do you think there was a need to support Namibian music during this time?

Art, in general, is very close to my heart. When we started Sound Wave Africa, we had a plan laid out but it didn’t go according to what we envisioned.  But somehow, the lockdown provided a chance to bring back what we started with Sound Wave Africa. At the moment we are not able to pay the artists but we are hoping corporates will come on board to help us eventually do it. 

Therapy Sessions is currently in season two, where can we go and catch up on the first sessions?

You will be able to find the sessions on the Kasi Vibe Festival Instagram page. We are also editing all episodes and packaging them for Youtube. 

What do you hope the platform will do for the nation beyond the lockdown period? 

This is not just entertainment. In the long term, the plan is to create a platform for educating and entertaining. This is going to be a platform where artists can engage in discussions that educate young children. The show is going to have an appeal through discussions on the current issues that we are facing in society.

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