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Hobbies for healing

While the rat race has made many of us forget the appeal of hobbies, scientists and researchers have been reiterating the power of hobbies in healing and transforming people. 

Activities like hiking, creating or consuming art, swimming for leisure, or even cooking are not only fun and exciting but also have healing benefits. 

Research has also proven that hobbies are helpful for relieving stress and anxiety and can help us connect with others. 

Explore one or more of these hobbies for your healing:

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles should not only be reserved for children. Grown-ups can also enjoy this age-old fun activity that stretches the mind and offer a healing sense of satisfaction once completed.

So go ahead, try out a thousand-piece puzzle with your loved ones and enjoy the benefits together!


Painting is a great hobby for tapping into and exploring your creativity as well as identifying and transforming our feelings. It allows us to express ourselves which in turn helps with issues such as nervousness, mental conditions, or any emotional imbalances. 

This hobby also increases brain power as it stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. In children, painting is especially important during the developmental stage and in adults, it can help with Alzheimer’s.


Looking for a new hobby that helps you relax and be happy? Try gardening. Not only does it relax the mind, but research has also proven that it’s actually good for mental health. 


Because cooking at home helps you to eat better, it’s a hobby that is great for your wellbeing in the long run. Many cooks will attest to how therapeutic cooking is. It also helps you get over boredom as you keep busy in the kitchen and it helps with insomnia and anxiety as well as helping you to nourish and restore energy.


Taking up journaling is perfect when trying to deal with all the issues that may be wearing you down internally. Writing down your thoughts and feelings works the same way as talking to someone. It helps you release emotions, feelings, and experiences and allows you to process them. This has tremendous healing qualities and can help you deal with stress and assists you to cope with mental health issues. 

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