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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring Blossom

Possessing a distinct voice that stands out as one of the best in Namibian music, Blossom has made some of the most memorable songs to come out of the land of the brave. 

Known to always be unapologetic and vocal, the singer stays true to her nature in this red hot edition of #TheTribeExclusive.

She talks about everything from her new music, her travels, and the Namibian music industry … 

Tell us, what has been happening with Blossom after the 2017 NAMAs ban? Do you think you have to apologize for that situation?

Aah, I don’t think I have to say sorry. Sorry for what?

How have things been like for you since those awards? 

Well, it’s been a really awesome journey for me. Right after the awards, I focussed more on traveling, and on exposing myself to the outside world.

I went to New York, California, Paris and mostly China, so my recent trips have mostly been between Namibia and China and I’m really happy to be back for now.

What else has kept you busy as you traveled the world? 

I went through that time where I was just on my own, meditating and reflecting more and that inspired my new album. That was a highlight of my time off. In addition to that, I also explored the fashion market.

I’m venturing into fashion and events organising, so that’s really exciting for me.

Tell us about the album. What is in there that is exciting for Namibians, what’s different from the Ruusa that we know this time around?

The album has everything.  I took a good four years off and I really invested my emotions into this album. It’s titled ‘Uuvanje’ which you might know as the song titled ‘I Want To Love You’ featuring PDK. 

The highlight of the album is the fact that I was able to be authentic and to not just sing as a Namibian but as an African since I’m about to represent Namibian music in China.

They actually took my song.

But did you think that it would go the way it did?

I think the project that I’m busy working on now will clarify everything. This was actually my song, it’s my original song, it was completed in the studio and when I was in China PDK approached me and said, ‘Blossom can we do a feature on the song’ and I said ‘mm’. I really thought about it because I love to keep my ambiance.

So they released the song, I didn’t even get to hear it before they released it. That was what they did but I’m excited to release the original version and I think I’m not boasting but I feel like people are more intrigued and drawn to my voice in the song.

What have been the highlights of your travels?

Especially in China, I picked up that they are quite diverse. When you think of China you only think of Chinese people. China is full of people from all over the world. In fact, one of the spots that I love to hang out is the Brazilian spot where they have all these nice Latino sounds. So I was able to draw out a few nice international sounds.

What do you think the Namibian music industry is lacking when you look from outside?

First of all, let’s put Blossom back in the basket. We need to invest more. We need to invest more in terms of content, what we sing about, in terms of quality and in our visuals.

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