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Re-imagining a world free from preventable cancer deaths

World Cancer Day (commemorated every year on 4 February) is the global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). By raising worldwide awareness, improving education and catalysing personal, collective and government action, we’re working together to reimagine a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to life-saving cancer treatment and care is equal for all – no matter who you are or where you live. Because we believe that cancer isn’t just a health issue but a human issue that touches all of us.

Created in 2000, World Cancer Day has grown into a positive movement for everyone, everywhere to unite under one voice to face one of the greatest challenges in our history. 

Why cancer?

Cancer is a critical health and human issue.

Today, 9.6 million people each year will die from cancer. Making it the second-most deadly disease. Yet, at least one-third of cancers can be prevented. This gives us every reason to act. 

Campaign theme:

“I Am and I Will”

This World Cancer Day, the world is called on to recognise that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing the global impact of cancer.

So today, whoever you are, your actions – big and small -will make lasting, positive change. Because progress is possible.


Did you know?  


  • 9.6 million


people die from cancer every year – this number is predicted to almost double by 2030.


  • 70%


of cancer deaths occur in low-to-middle income countries.


  • Less than 30%


of low-income countries have cancer treatment services available (compared to 90% in high-income countries)


  • US$1.16 trillion.


The estimated total annual economic cost of cancer


  • At least one-third 


of common cancers are preventable.


  • Up to 3.7 million


lives could be saved each year through resource appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection and timely and quality treatment.

This article is part of a series of features highlighting the fight against Cancer. For more information visit the World Cancer Day Organisation website.

– To make a contribution to the fight against Cancer in Namibia, visit the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) official page on https://www.can.org.na/