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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring D-Naff

Namibian award winning gospel hip-hop artist D-Naff, is still on fire. 

On this episode, he opens up about his philosophy on forgiveness, building a timeless brand and taking Namibian music beyond borders. 

The Tribe: You’re the first hip hop artist to introduce Namibia to gospel hip-hop, and I think from there the guys were also inspired. Would you say your music still delivers the same message?

D-Naff: definitely. My message has always been to the street, because when I first came to the gospel world there were a few things I picked up within the church and the community. Christians in general don’t want to associate themselves with the street or anything that has to do with it whether it’s a past up mess or life. Most of the time, the mistake we make is that once your life is straight or you find God, the mistake many people do is to reject where they came from.

The Tribe: That’s right, they turn their backs on ones and now need their help.

D-Naff: Just … let them find God on their own.

The Tribe:  You have been active and consistent contributor to our music industry since the beginning. What is the thing that keeps you going?

D-Naff: It’s a passion for me.

The Tribe: You a very faithful man, you steadfast in your faith. How has your faith helped you establish this D-Naff brand?

D-Naff: Motivations and inspirations … What the word has done in my life is to point me into destiny for me to be able to see a glimpse of what I can become and then also remind me of the past, so that it humbles me, I don’t become proud.

The Tribe: How do Africans, other Africans receive it [Namibian music], how do they react to it and what kind of feedback did you get?

D-Naff: Ah, in Zambia we were very well received.They took us to about fifteen to twenty radio stations. We were there for about two weeks, and everyday we would leave the hotels in the morning. They were so interested in hearing Namibian sound.

The Tribe: After your experiences of being out there and seeing how Africa really works, what do you think Namibian artists need to work on now in order to go onto the continental platforms?

D-Naff: In Zambia they really sing, because they can sing right in that country. What they don’t have is the money. There I was making fun of them, like in Namibia we have the money but we don’t have the voice, so what we do is we exchange. We take their voice and they take our money. In other words we 

In order for Namibia to have a solid music industry, D-Naff advises those in the industry to work together like their counterparts in Zambia. D-Naff himself walks the talk as is evident from his growing record stable which has opened its doors to the likes of Lady May Africa and Jericho.

With D-Naff Entertainment, the singer aims to bring unity in the industry and bring fellow musicians together to spread the gospel. 

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