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#TheTribeExclusive featuring DJ Shoza

Taking a step from behind the scenes to the centre stage is DJ Shoza, our #TheTribeExclusive star of the week. We chilled with the confident young entertainer to talk about his blossoming career …

How did you get here?

Yoh it’s been a journey, a lot of ups and downs but with a focussed mind and the right advice I ended up here.

We’re levitating now. I’ve been levitating from a backup dancer to a DJ, now I have my own project. What I love about it is that I’ve been watching from the back. I’ve been watching how they do this.

What kind of effort went into this new project?

We put a lot of effort into this project. I mean we took a bus with Gazza, an Intercape to SA just to get some collaborations and work with other artists. 

I actually wanted to feel the struggle. I wanted to know how it feels like to work hard for your own, so that’s why we took the bus. Gazza was all the way in, he was like ‘okay let’s do this. I’m going to do this with you’.

So did you make any crazy recordings on the bus, to show the GMP spirit?

Not really. I was just trying to clear my mind because I wanted to be prepared when I got there. I wanted to be as focussed as possible. I needed to take a lot of things off my mind. That’s why we also took the bus, just to have a fresh mind once we arrived.

So where to from here?

Eish, from now I just need to move. I am planning on working with a lot of artists from Namibia. I don’t plan my stuff, so when I have something solid like a beat I just hit them up. I check who fits to be on a specific beat. And then I hit them up so we get to work.

What are some of the biggest collaborations that you are eyeing?

Locally, if I can get Lioness on a house song. On a deep house song. There’s a lot though, I can’t mention all the names now. Internationally, obviously Black Coffee.

Tell us a little bit more about what goes on in the work of a DJ/Producer like yourself.

A lot of DJ’s focus on only playing music, on just being a DJ.  I always wanted to play my own music so I focussed first on the production. Now that I’ve learned that I’m focussing on the DJ part and I can now play my own music. So I think if we try we can do this, especially if most DJ’s can change that. We’ll get there.

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