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#TheTribeExclusive featuring Mabuzza

From dancing backup for Kwaito veteran Blacksheep, Kwaito musician Mabuzza has worked his way up to becoming a solo act with a distinct image. We spoke to him about rebranding as a musician, learning from the best in the business and exploring other art forms to express his creativity …

How did you go from backup dancer to becoming the main act? 

I always wanted to be a musician, I always had that music thing in me. It’s just that I wanted to be around the guys who created the path before me in order to learn. I wanted to be close to the likes of Gazza and Black Sheep just so I could take some notes and work on my art for the future.

I did this because for someone who doesn’t know the game, coming in with these two powerful guys in your corner helps you learn from what they are doing. Because I was already used to performing with them, doing it alone on stage now means that I can handle a crowd of up to ten thousand people.

Have you done it, have you performed for a crowd of 10 000 people?

I have done it at the Katutura Beer Festival. 

You are very open to learning and you’ve even been learning about theatre and film. Tell us how you got into film?

I once got a call from Gazza asking if I want to be part of the ‘Katutura’ film and I was like ‘what?’. I got to be one of the supporting acts and I got to meet people like Florian Schott. The rest is history.

After that, I got another call to work on another film called ‘Short-Cut’.

You dropped an album last year, do you have any videos out?

I have a video out called ‘Energy’ which features Dark Vapor. I’m also busy with another video for a single from the same album. I’ll also be dropping a five to seven track Kwaito EP titled ‘The Big Conception’ soon.

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