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5 healing ways to deal with trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event takes a heavy toll on people and it can manifest itself in health issues like headaches, fatigue, low energy or tense muscles. It also manifests in behavioural and emotional symptoms like shock, fear, shame and guilt. 

While looking for ways to cope with the after-effects of trauma, it’s important to note that healing is a process and not a quick fix. 

Avoid making major life decisions

Try not to make any big decisions regarding your work, family, relationships or home when you experience trauma. This only increases your stress levels. Instead, wait until everything has settled and gone back to normal and you are in a better place physically and emotionally. 

Connecting with friends and family

Try not to avoid your family or friends especially during this time because it is then that you need their support most. Connecting with those closest to you offers you a sense of safety and much-needed support and assistance.Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people identify and change destructive thought patterns that negatively affect behaviour and emotions. This type of therapy helps you understand and deal with your trauma.

Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself helps you to gain closure. Remember to go easy on yourself, everyone has a different response to trauma so don’t be too hard on yourself for how you feel, think and act. 


Deal with feelings of guilt and shame by journaling. This is a great way to gain control of your emotions and it is said to improve your mental health.

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