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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring Ghetto Ballerina

Rising female rapper Ghetto Ballerina is the guest for this exciting episode of #TheTribeExclusive.

This talented Namibian musician birthed her unique sound way back in Russia where she spent seven years as a student. 

Ché Ulenga chats to Ghetto Ballerina about her time in Russia, 

What skills did you inherit from the Russian music or hip hop scene?

Where do I begin. Okay Moscow city, wow like that was the best time of my life. I think that’s where Ghetto Ballerina, the alter ego was literally born. I was exposed to a lot of different versions of hip hop artists, signed to the first black label in Moscow, so I learnt the nitty gritty’s of labels and just being an artist, how to do your own PR and marketing. The package came with everything that it entailed to be an artist besides being a student.

Was it challenging for you to come back and sort of create your footprint as a hip hop artist in Namibia?

Those were probably one of my biggest, slightest fears, because if you have a fan base on the other side, when you come back here you have to somehow infiltrate and become a household name, but honestly I feel like my music normally speaks for itself and people like vibing with my aura.

You were the first back woman in the Russian music group, Architects Music Group or AMG. How did you become a part of the group?

Oh it’s crazy. So I think I was a first year student and I went to a freestyle concert. Strangely enough, there were people in that club scouting. I was on the stage and these boys were like beat boxing and then gave me the mic, and I was like oh my gosh really, and then the rest is history. I got a call sometime like do you want to, do you want to ride with AMG, and I became the first lady.

Let’s touch base on your latest project. What do you have in the bag this time around?

Wow, okay so you know how they say good wine gets better with time? The project that I’m working on, I’m actually getting excited talking about it. It’s taken me almost two years, I’m eleven tracks deep. And I’m very content with the eleven tracks right now, it’s just under the works – mixing and mastering a few extra recordings.

So you came back and you found the industry kind of going somewhere with some type of foundation.

Two things that are important to me is of course the presence of women in the industry and the girls are just firing it up.

What can be done to empower more girls to come out and actually do their thing?

One of the main reasons why  I do music is because I want to inspire every little girl out there. I feel like more platforms are needed. We need more shows where we invite upcoming rappers. Everybody needs to get a piece of the cake. Namibia is still very small.

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