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Changing The Way You Think About Money

The MYD Africa Golden Moments Series takes a look at some of the magic of MYD, highlighting some of it’s most insightful episodes over the years. 

This episode is no exception, taking a look at Creativity Coach and Lifestyle Mentor Karen Powell’s tools for being money-wise. 

MYD: Let’s talk about expectations and beliefs, how do they mould our experience in life?

Our expectations actually create a reality, so if you are expecting something you are actually magnetising it into your life and that’s how we create. That’s one of the strongest manifesting tools that we’ve got – your expectations, what you think about and what you’re putting out there into your future. So if you expect good you’re going to get good. But if you expect hardship and struggle, guess what you’re going to get?

MYD: What about the argument of “I am a victim of my circumstances”?

It’s true, you’re a victim of your circumstances. If you want to use that word, sure, but a funny thing happens when you become an adult. You get to create new circumstances in your life. When you’re a child, not so much. As an adult you get to change that script, you get to change the way you want to think about your life, so that’s where it gets interesting and you create your own reality.

MYD: How does money tie into expectations and beliefs?

Our ideas and beliefs about money start early on in our lives. We absorb what’s happening in the home and whatever our parents are thinking about money or their beliefs about money or circumstances and actual experiences, the things that are happening around money, we’re absorbing. 

So if there were struggles around money, if you have a look at them and start shining a light on those and see what they are, I bet you’ll find the same kinds of struggles in your life today around the same kind of pattern.

MYD: How can our beliefs chase our money away?

If I say I want more money and then actually get a raise at my job but sabotage myself by spending all the money. Or anytime I get more money that I think I deserve, I somehow get rid of it in a quick way without realising it. But if we want to heal our blocks, our limiting beliefs around money, then we have to shine a light on it and ask, “does that belief have to pertain to me, where did I get that”?

We don’t realise we are doing it but when you start to shine a light on it then you get to make choices to change it.

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