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Treza Cooper, Song Night Ambassador Extraordinaire

She walks towards me dressed in a black tank top and high-waisted blue jeans. She proceeds to sit uncomfortably close to me, giggles and says; “yes, I’m sitting right here”. To which we both laugh.

I’ve known Treza personally for close to a year now. Before that, it was by reputation only. She has a bubbly personality, one that exudes affection and promises laughter.

Treza de Fatima Cooper – 99FM Radio personality, musician and now the new Song night Namibia ambassador for 2019.

“The first time I auditioned for Song night in 2016 I didn’t make it. Lize (Ehlers) could see that I just wasn’t ready. To be here years later is so amazing.”

Lize Ehlers, Founder and custodian of Song Night Namibia, an exceptional musician herself, has been using the platform to mentor young Namibian musicians for years.

After her first disappointment, Treza returned to the Song Night stage in 2017 and has since become a regular feature all through hard work and determination.

“Lize is my inspiration, she has been in the industry for years and I’m learning so much from her. I really look up to her. She’s shown me that you can do your own style of music while still exploring other avenues, which is what I want to do for my upcoming album,” says Treza.

In August 2018, she released ‘You said’, a single produced by Ponti.

On that collaboration, Treza says; “I was in studio with Ponti and he asked me what I was feeling. He played the beat for me and that song poured out of me. I love working with Ponti, he helps me articulate what I’m feeling.”

She likes sharing her personal story and is passionate about sharing her experiences through relatable music.

Treza is not signed to any label, a fact which doesn’t faze her. She’s looking forward to releasing her debut album this year and reveals that for the album, she’s eyeing collaborations with Lioness, Skrypt and Michael Pulse. 

What’s Next for Treza?

“I’m focusing on excelling at this Ambassadorship, releasing my album and just becoming a better human.”

Getting To Know Treza

Dressed by: House Of Poulton Picture by: Lize Ehlers

When do you feel most like yourself?

When I’m alone, listening to music.

What’s your Favourite place in the world?

My room.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I would go bungee jumping (I’m afraid of heights).

What makes you happy?

Music and My job.

What would enough look like to you?

Having everything I’ve ever dreamed of: A multi-platinum selling album, travelling the world and exploring my artistry and finally, being happily married with kids.

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