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Trust in silence

“Silence of the mind is the key to introspection,” says Namibian writer Marita van Rooyen, “and it always helps to have silence around you in order to be able to fully shutdown and allow your mind , body and soul to become quiet.”

Silence can be found through meditation, through sports that push the body while focussing on the mind, in specific places, such as a church … or the Namib Desert, which has been described as one of the largest natural cathedrals on earth. 

“The desert is of-course the ultimate destination for those searching for silence, as its large, uninhabited, open spaces scream silence and almost forces those who enter the far-reaching vastness to become silent, both inside and out. 

“The desert influences people in many different ways, but more often than not, a journey to the desert will inevitably lead to reflection, introspection and questioning ourselves. Because of the secluded and silent environment of the desert, one often spends long moments thinking about life, the universe and everything. It is almost set in stone that you will leave as a reinvented person. The strength and personal wisdom that you will gain from such a journey could very well bring a renewal of trust in oneself.”