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Turning Needs into Possibilities

“I’m always searching for relationships that empower the network that I am developing”

Sylvanie Beukes started SB Consulting in 2011, which is a business consultancy that nurtures small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sylvanie says his business came to life by making a business of sharing his learning from his journey. Identifying the need in the market and tailoring his package to support and build businesses in Namibia Sylvanie explains that “Practical problems that I faced have driven my initiative.”

A man who connects businesses and people, he says it’s more of a dream connector as “I’ve built a business connecting people to their dreams.” Sylvanie’s business acts as a strategic coach to launch your business in the market. Through skills transfer SB Consulting is imparting business knowledge to prepare new businesses in all areas they will need to succeed.

Block 2“I had to develop a certain set of skills along my journey which included writing business plans, applying for finances, scouting for clients, sales presentations and all those skills that I developed on my personal journey. And I realised that it is very frustrating if you’re doing it for the first time, without somebody guiding you.”

An entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word considering that an entrepreneur is by definition a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. “Some of these [business ideas] are opportunities that were born out of my own personal struggles.” says Syvlanie who is an example of what the true entrepreneurial spirit is.

According to Sylvanie,  “A lot of people want to start businesses but they don’t have the confidence to follow through on their ideas and at the same time people don’t have the resources to develop their business.” He goes on to explain that he “started engaging people on a one to one basis. This is how my business was born. I realised that it’s important to concentrate value.”

His many accolades stand testament to his hard work, passion and dedication. He is a published author, amongst those accolades, of the book New Money Masters. The book, much like his business model, aims to encourage and motivate upcoming entrepreneurs through Beukes’ own experience in the world of finance.

“With the type of relationships I’ve built I have become a catalyst for information that is unreachable to someone. I’m always searching for relationships that empower the network that I am developing” Says Sylvanie

Block 1Constantly forging forward seems that nature of Sylvanie’s business as he explains “I launched a business club last year where we concentrate potential and create unique relationships between people. I am also about to launch a business centre in the city centre, where people can get all the business support systems that they may need.”

When asked what drives him, Sylvanie explains that a lot of what he does came out of the needs he had as an entrepreneur. For example he explains that for a small start-up, to rent an office in town is a huge capital outlay. Yet you need a place to hold meetings as a new business, this is where Sylvanie comes in with his soon to be launched centre that can cater to all of an entrepreneurs business needs.

While the man is example of business acumen and what a positive attitude in life can deliver even in business, Sylvanie is quick to note that “With every opportunity comes a responsibility and I don’t take it for granted. I want to motivate people to live their dreams but there are responsibilities that come with following your dreams.”

If you want to get in touch with SB Consulting, you can reach them by emailing info@sb-consultancy.com