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Two Young Namibians on Entrepreneurship and Courage


Two young Namibian are demonstrating what it takes to be fearless, determined and courageous, in other words, to become an entrepreneur.

99FM’s MYD Smart sat down with the founders of M&O Designs, Aska Orlale and Taleni Matheus to find out what it takes to start your own business and this is what they had to say.

“Running a business and being an entrepreneur is a bumpy roller coaster, but at the end we will say it was all worth it, and we’re not even there yet although we know we’ll get there.” According to one of the ladies behind M&O Designs, which manufactures décor products using recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes, and wine bottles.

M&O Designs came about when the two girls were inspired to register their business after entering the Sanlam/NBII Innovative works competition. Their company is currently in the top five finalists to win this competition. Their products include gift boxes, pedant light covers and wall pieces amongst others and all items are uniquely hand crafted, and up cycled or recycled. They also offer a gift delivery services that delivers gifts directly to your loved ones doors.

99FM’s MYD Smart asked the names behind M&O Designs what it takes to become an entrepreneur, to which they replied “It takes perseverance to make it in the world of entrepreneurship, it also takes a “solution-based-mind set” in order to come off on top, and entrepreneurship involves taking risks, sacrifices and time management. You should also set you targets, work towards a goal but most importantly, if you are waking up with a smile and a positive attitude then you know you are doing it right”

Having entered into a difficult market didn’t deter these two powerhouses, “The type of business we have ventured in is rather unusual and often you’ll find people looking down on you, especially when you are a lady in your 20’s in the streets colleting and carrying around junk, empty bottles and boxes. But we know why we are doing this and one day the same people looking down at us will come knocking at our door looking for employment and we will gladly open for them and welcome them in to assist us build our business.”


You can get in touch with M&O Designs by visiting thier Facebook page here : M&O Designs or by sending an email to modecor214@gmail.com or contacting 0814524420/0817374640