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Walking the Land, Finding Wisdom

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show we talk to Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilsen of Nanofasa Conservation Trust, who has just completed a walk from the East to the West of Namibia, living off the land for one month.

She walked accompanied by two Ju/´hoansi San men, who through their ancient knowledge of the land safely guided her to the ocean. Their arrival at the ocean marked the first time these two men had seen the ocean. This is a story of the beauty of nature, humanity and ancient practise.

“For me, the interesting thing about doing this walk with these two Ju/´hoansi San guys, was that we struggle so much with co-existing with Mother Nature but for them, they struggle to co-exist with everything that is so modern. So this was sort of our walk home, together, trying to figure out how we can learn and live and co-exist and share experiences with one another without being the same.”

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we speak to Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilsen.

“/Kamaché being a young San, was so full of shame when we started this walk, when he met people, you could see the big imprint of history just living in him as a young boy. He almost wanted to walk invisibly past people, and then the change in him realising that more and more people were actually curious about him because they really admire his people and what they represent. At the very end… he was telling everybody about himself and what a San person really is. He was a completely different person.”

“But most incredible was to be a part of all their first times, first time of seeing a tar road; first time of leaving the village… first time to walk through town; first time to see the ocean.”

In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • Why Aleksandra and the Ju/´hoansi San men set off on this journey and what is taught them
  • The many people they met along the way that helped them and were helped by them
  • The experience of living off the land and co-existing with nature in it’s truest sense

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilsen, here :


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