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Why the doctor turned to hypnotherapy

We are bombarded with messaging that affects us consciously. Opinions are given loosely, and they are just a click away. When pieces of damaging information seep and settle in our subconscious and become part of the beliefs that guide and drive us, we need tools to deal with the damage. 

Namibian medical doctor, Anton Schroeder, knew that to be able to truly help his patients, he needed to be able to address the root cause of their illnesses. So after 24 years of practicing medicine, he turned to Ericksonian hypnotherapy. 

Developed by Milton Erickson, this style of hypnosis is based on the idea that we have all the resources we need to change ourselves, but we need to access these resources. Dr Schroeder explains, “The brain consists of three main parts. One part is the brainstem, which is the most primitive part of the brain. It is the part that evolved in reptiles and it controls our involuntary actions – things like blood pressure, pulse, digestion, etc; things that keep your body alive, but you are not aware of.

“The we have our limbic system, which is our fear, fight and flight system. It sits on top of your brainstem. We developed this part of the brain for survival. It is what is called the “monkey brain. And then, the third part we developed, is our cortex, which sits on top of the limbic system. Our fears and worries play out in the prefrontal cortex. These fears affect the limbic system, which in fact affects the brainstem. Ultimately, our brain and our bodies are one system.” 

Dr Schroeder adds, “A lot of the problems we have as adults are problems that we are socialized to have. For example, if you have been told you will never amount to anything, it’s that voice in your subconscious that holds you back.”

By applying Ericsonian hypnotherapy, the limbic system and brainstem can be accessed. From there, all our resources and strengths, which can’t normally be reached because they are unconscious, can be accessed. 

By harnessing your strength, gathering your resources, and breaking free from shackles, you can truly master your destiny.

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