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Why Urgent Collaborative Environmental Action?


“The environment is the very foundation of all life and prosperity.”

Sustainable bio-diversity conservation, and sustainable resource allocation has become more than a nice thing to do for the environment, it has become an absolute must if we wish to have an environment for future generations. Especially when you hear statements like “the modern rate of extinction across species is 1000 times that of the background rate before humans began altering the globe” or that “our species caused 322 animal extinctions over the past 500 years” or that “Humans are on the verge of cause the sixth mass extinction on earth” we can understand why we need to band together to protect the environment.

NCE ImageHere in a Namibia a group of people, comprising conservationists and conservationists at heart, have come together to see how to best support the activities of our conservation and environmental sector. Through focused collaboration they hope to generate real support for environmental concerns in Namibia. Instead of smaller streams of support, through this collaboration they hope to achieve a river of significant value to these sectors. As such the new Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) has been launched.

This Chamber is the bringing together of the private and public sector to provide meaningful support to conservation and environmental projects. In fact the Namibian Chamber of Environment’s mandate is to add meaningful value to environmental specialists in Namibia, who in turn prioritise protection of our natural world.

Through focused funding collection and an independent council of scientists, environmental concerns most in need can get the support and assistance they need.

According to Charles Loots, the General Manager the General Manager at B2Gold Namibia and one of the founding members of the NCE, “to try and wish away industry and its effect on the environment is not realistic. Maximising social and environmental benefits of industry has become a key focus of many responsible corporate citizens.”

According to a press release sent out on the launch of this chamber “The NCE is underpinned by a coalition of like-minded, pioneering individuals and organisations that wish to associate themselves with a corporate culture that recognises the importance and necessity of involvement in social and biodiversity projects.”

If you want more information about the Chamber, take a look at their website here : Namibian Chamber of Environment

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