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Why we Need to Recycle

Is it just a fad or is there something to hoarding your plastics? When Green became the new Black it was recycling that became the haute hobby and suddenly everyone’s doing it. Except you. Because, really, you can’t be bothered. Why should you be? It’s just another thing for the hipsters and the housewives that have nothing better to do. Or is it?

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with Anita Witt from the Recycle Namibia Forum to talk about why we should all be recycling and the many benefits of recycling that include:

  • AnitaGetting paid for your trash.
    These days schools have gotten wind of the money-making potential and collect litter that can be recycled, which they then sell to recycling companies. This give them a much needed boost in income.


  • Recycling being good for the economy
    Companies that use recycled goods end up spending less money, because they don’t have to make products out of raw resources.


  • Being part of the solution towards a cleaner environment


For more of the many benefits of recycling as explained by the Recycle Namibia Forum on the MYD Earth Show, as well as where we stand in Namibia in terms of recycling, take a listen to the MYD Earth Show, here :



And if you can’t recycle you can always re-use. Instead of falling for “Buy Now”, take a look at what you have and figure out how you can work it into something new. When it comes to household goods, everything can be repurposed. The things that you can’t recycle, like organic matter (food, plants, etc) you can make into compost, which you use to fertilize your aspiring herb garden.

There’s really, there’s no reason not to recycle. Unless you want to live in Trashtopia.

Get in touch with the people from the Recycle Namibia Forum through their website by clicking here : Recycle Namibia Forum