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Why We Need to Think Climate Change in Namibia

Why does Namibia need to think about their role in environmental protection? According to Think Namibia, “The prediction that weather conditions will become more severe during the next decades places the responsibility for adaptation on the shoulders of all Namibians.”

Think Namibia is an environmental awareness information campaign that is contributing to environmental sustainability through raising awareness on what is needed to ensure environmental protection and also preparation for possible changes to the climate and the resulting effects of climate change.

According to a Think Namibia fact sheet, “The impact of Climate Change in Namibia means that we could see more and more of the later onset of rainy season and overall changes in average seasonal temperature, the continual threat of drought and unusually severe flooding in parts of Namibia.”

Think Namibia also highlights that “There is now clear evidence that Namibia is becoming hotter with surface temperatures having risen by 1.2 degrees over the last 100 years.” In addition they explain that climate change effects in Namibia include that “based on available records, the frequency of drought and floods and increased by 18% on average in the last four decades compared to the period before.”LVW 2015

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with Lesley-Anne van Wyk, the Project Coordinator for the Environmental Awareness and Climate Change Project at the Hanns Seidel Foundation Namibia, to find out about this campaign, why it’s critical for us all to be aware of climate change in Namibia and where we stand globally when talking climate change.

For the full interview with Lesley-Anne van Wyk, take a listen to the MYD Earth show here :


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