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Why Windhoek is Following The Rivers Bend

Imagine living in a city where the residents of that city live together with the nature, utilising the natural world already in existence as a means of creating community living.

That is not too far away for Windhoekers as the River Walk Project is underway. The project aims to transform Windhoek’s riverbeds into safe communal areas where communities can come together to enjoy, a hub for all from joggers to restaurant lovers.

Phase one of the project aims to connect Avis Dam to Goreangab Dam to allow people to jog, cycle or walk in a beautiful natural space while also improving security in areas that are often deemed dangerous, namely Windhoek’s riverbed spaces.

fullsizerender-4In this episode of the MYD Earth show we sat down with Nangula Shilongo from the River Walk Initiative, to discuss the project.

Here are some of the areas covered in this episode of MYD Earth:

  • How the project aims to transform Windhoek’s riverbed spaces.
  • How safety in Windhoek’s riverbed network could be improved as people turn their properties toward the Riverbeds.
  • Business and Commerce opportunities available to Windhoek residents through this project.
  • Who is involved in making this project a reality and how Windhoek residents can support it

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Nangula Shilongo from the River Walk Initiative, here :


For more information about the Windhoek River Walk Initiative take a look at their Facebook page by clicking here

Or send an email to info@riverwalkwindhoek.com