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Afrospection with Dennis de Wet

Dennis De Wet is the passionate name behind Slowtown Coffee Roasters, the man who took his passion and grew a flourishing business around it. Dennis shares here his learnings and lessons from the past year, his self examination from Africa… his Afrospection.

Looking Back…

Q: How would you describe your 2017?

A: It’s been one of those break-out years for us. After 5 years of hard graft it felt like 2017 was where a lot of the dirty work started to pay off.

Q: What was something good that came out of 2017?

A: Stability. 2016 we opened 2 shops within a month of each other and it all felt too hectic. 2017 gave us time to reflect and fine-tune.

Q: What challenged you in 2017 and how did you overcome this challenge? 

A: As the general mood and sentiment became very negative with the obvious economic downturn. I decided early not to entertain too much negativity. You are what you speak and I believe in the power of the tongue. If you speak life you will reap it.

Q: What was your favourite Art in 2017? 

A: Living in Swakopmund we are just a little starved on the Cultural side. We did a trip to Munich which really just inspired me again. The old world architecture and grandeur of it all.

Q: What was your biggest health and wellness learning of 2017?

A: I committed to doing the Desert Dash early this year and with the huge help of my wife with her constant encouragement I got into a habit of exercise. It has been the first year where I’ve just been very active on a regular basis and it feels great.

Q: What was your biggest personal development learning of 2017?

A: I would say that I am getting better at doing and not just talking. More on the personal side. Like taking longer breaks to get inspired. Family. Exercise. Balance in life.

As for the Holidays…

Q: What is your favourite food in December?

A: Seafood. Fresh seafood.

Q: What is your favourite Namibian destination?

A: Swakopmund in December.

Q: What book should we all be reading?

A: Shoe Dog – by Phil Knight – Founder of Nike

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: Firstly in my relationship with God, then my wife and kids. Relationships and people inspire me.

Looking Forward…

Q: What is your mantra for life?

A: Do what you love.

Q: What is your wish for the world for 2018?

A: Unselfishness.

Q: What is your wish for Namibia for 2018?

A: For people in power to become true servants of the nation.

Q: What is your wellness goal for 2018?

A: Continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise. Rest. Adventure.