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Afrospection with The Power Pad Girls

A group of dynamic women make up the Power Pad Girls, who have made it their mission to raise funds to distribute free re-useable sanitary pads to girls across Namibia. The women that make up the Power Pad Girls share here their learnings and lessons from the past year, their self examination from Africa… their Afrospection.

Looking Back…

Q: How would you describe your 2017?

A: I woulf describe 2017 as successful because we stepped out of our comfort zone and had new types of events which had positive feedback and we grew as a team. ~ Nsozi Mwazi

Q: What was something good that came out of 2017?

A: This year we learned about broadening our fundraising capacity, it was the first time we deviated from our usual quiz nights and tried something new, speed dating. It was daunting and an organizational challenge but we are so proud of how well it turned out. ~ Rosanne Kahuure

Q: What challenged you in 2017 and how did you overcome this challenge? 

A: Working with new people was a challenge this year, coordinating venues for events or beneficiaries of the reusable pads wasn’t easy this year. We’ve had to learn to refocus and bounce back at time and rely on our team mates to motivate ourselves. ~ Rosanne Kahuure

Q: What was your favourite Art in 2017? 
A: I’m really excited about the new Namibian art space, StArt Gallery at the Wolfshack in Southern Industrial. It showcases Namibian art and is run by two fabulous Namibian feminists, their monthly events are always a good time and an inspiration to feed our creative energies. ~ Rosanne Kahuure

Q: What was your biggest health and wellness learning of 2017?

A: The biggest health and wellness learning for me has been my mental health. It is often something that one overlooks because it might be considered taboo or you think eventually you’ll get over it but once you start dealing with yourself from the inside out it makes all your internal problems much less daunting. ~ Martha Asheeke

Something that became clear for me this year is that everyone’s body is different and not every exercise will reach the same way on everyone’s body. The same with food,you have people who eat whatever they want whenever and they don’t gain weight,but no one is the same. So you need to do what works for you and your body type. Do ultimately what brings you joy. ~ Manuela Lima

Q: What was your biggest personal development learning of 2017?

A: That planning properly and managing my time makes life much less stressful. ~ Ruusa Nandago

Learning that life doesn’t promise good times, that it’s okay for life not to be as you envisaged and to be patient and calm during that time. It is important to have the bad times so you can appreciate the good times and the people who stuck by you through it all. ~ Victoria Upindi

As for the Holidays…

Q: What is your favourite food in December?

A: Definitely watermelon and spanspek and all the nice water-based fruits you get to enjoy in the summer with friends and family. ~ Nsozi Mwazi

Q: What is your favourite Namibian destination?

A: Swakop. Everyone loves Swakop. ~ Ruusa Nandago

Sossusvlei, hands down some of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life. ~ Victoria Upindi

Q: What book should we all be reading?

A: Khwezi by Redi Tlhabi. ~ Ruusa Nandago

Making Africa Work by Greg Mills et al- “It helps one understand our democracy better and places us in a position to be agents of change. ~ Victoria Upindi

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I find inspiration in all kinds of places whether it will be through people, art, music or nature. My source of inspiration is always changing which I think it should otherwise you’ll just get complacent. ~ Martha Asheeke

My inspiration comes from reading my Bible, my family my close friends. ~ Manuela Lima

Looking Forward…

Q: What is your mantra for life?

A: You gotta just do. Your life is your life and you need to ultimately do what makes you happy, so be yourself. ~ Martha Asheeke

Q: What is your wish for the world for 2018?

A: My wish for 2018 is that more governments have the courage to make changes that will end war, poverty and suffering.

Q: What is your wish for Namibia for 2018?

A: My wish for 2018 is that every Namibian school girl has free access to reusable pads so that she may continue to pursue and excel in her education. No girl should miss our on school because of a natural and inevitable process of menstruation. That GBV stops in our country and men and women are treated with upmost love and respect, and that every Namibian is able to have a LIVING wage. We are too small a population to have the levels of poverty and injustice that we do in our country ~ Hildegard Titus

Q: What is your wellness goal for 2018?

A: To find balance, to treat my body and mind as a temple, and to encourage others to do the same. Also to meditate daily, dabble in a bit of yoga and get a six pack from daily fits of laughter. ~ Hildegard Titus