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Albert’s Dream

This is a story of a man with a dream, an area in need, and children waiting to receive this good deed. Deep in the Okahandja Park informal settlement you will find a small pre-primary by the name of Wisdom Pre-Primary School and Day Care Centre.  Albert Image 10

This pre-primary came about because of Alberts Dream. Albert Ndara was born in the North of Namibia and only attended school at the age of 15 for the first time. He felt the disadvantage of starting school at such a late stage in his life and after school was only able to find a job as a security guard. This did not deter him from his dreams and as he worked as a security guard he would speak to people who crossed his path. Through many conversations Albert eventually started a pre-primary school. Some of these conversations happened while Albert was working at various lodges as a security guard, some Albert Image 9where with people he sought out to ask to support his dream. All these conversations centred around finding the path that would lead him to the realisation of his dream.

Albert says “after starting school so late myself, I wanted to help children who had no way of attending school to get a better start in life. At our school we are keeping these children off the streets and we are teaching them things like how to write, so that when the time comes for them attend primary school they are ready.”

Albert’s story is one of sheer determination and passion. With only the support of those he spoke to and his salary as a security guard, Albert put in motion what is today the Wisdom Pre-Primary School and Day Care Centre where 49 children are receiving a step up in life. Many of these children’s parents are not able to pay their school fees. He charges only N$60 per month and despite not always receiving school fees, these children receive food as well as an education because of Alberts Dream.

Albert Image 2Albert Iamge 7

Albert’s wife, Kativa Ndara, runs the school while Albert continues his day job, that supports his school and his dream. A day job that does not bring in great financial resources, yet this has never stopped Albert and never will. True dedication to his dream, his community and his country, Albert is an example of what can be achieved in life and that lack, in any form, is not something that can ever stop a dream from being realized.

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For more information about how you too can support this dream, take a look at Albert’s Dream Facebook page  : Alberts Dream

Or contact Albert by calling him on +264817783840 or emailing him at albert.ndara@gmail.com