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The MYD Show : Season 2 Episode 2 – Follow Your Heart – Find Your Passion

When we look back at the world’s greatest achievements so far, we notice that everything we are proud of in our development was done with passion. Your heart has the guidance to set you on the path of greatness and your passion is the fire that burns inside you to bring you closer to your dreams.

As we continue to look at Following Your Heart, we took a closer look at Passion. We were joined on the MYD Show by an amazing Namibian man who through his struggles followed his dream of opening a pre-primary school for children in the informal settlement. The man is Albert Ndara and despite starting his career as a security guard, through his passion he has realised his dream and opened Wisdom Pre-Primary School and Day Care Centre. We were also be joined by well-known MYD expert, behavioural scientist Tony Muganza.

Listen to the full episode of the MYD Show on Following Your Heart and Finding Your Passion, here: