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Bright Ideas and Creativity

The bright yellow doors are about to open on Namibia’s biggest creativity and artisan event. With both local and International artists putting the final touches on their exhibitions, their stages of art, craft and all things beautiful, Inspiration Tables 2017 is shaping up to be an explosion of all things creative.

99FM, as the storytelling platform that lives and breathes creativity, will be presenting the art of life and asking all that attend the 99FM stand to “plot your part in the collective migration to meaning that becomes the culture of a country and the destiny of a nation.” To find out more, you’ll have to visit us at Inspiration Tables for a unique experience that will challenge you to “crack the code, breathe potential, find the magic, think beyond, reach further, connect wider, search deeper. Be inspired.”

In the spirit of creativity and inspiration, we spoke to a few of the other creatives who will be at Inspiration Tables 2017, about creativity and inspiration. With some of the inspired ideas below, you too can awaken the creative inside. If these tips don’t inspire you, a visit to Inspiration Tables 2017, surely will. While you’re there, be sure to visit 99FM, as we connect our own life dots through questioning the connections that made us who we are today.

Tips for Creativity from a few of the Namibian Artists you’ll find at Inspiration Tables 2017:

Nelett Loubser of KunsHuis Graphic Design, that develops Namibian designed items of inspiration, says that for her, there are three tips that work best to boost creativity, and they are, “Rest, always be curious and have respect for others’ talent, [because] having respect boosts your desire to create something unique that is yours.”

Elke Le Roux, a ceramic artist says that for her it’s, “Boredom. It has a way of charging your creativity. At least once a day one should sit, relax and do nothing.”

Leon Engelbrecht of Unleashed Design advises to “connect and share with other fellow creatives. There’s nothing more stimulating than exchanging stories, ideas and almost ‘tapping’ into each other’s creative minds and processes. Creativity really fuels creativity and I love connecting with people.”

Monica Rossouw of Mooi Mooi notes that to boost creativity, “In the crazy world we live in today, with so much negativity in the air, don’t miss out on the pretty things around you. Focus on positive and open your eyes, there is so much pretty everywhere, from the tiniest spring blossom to the mightiest of sunsets.”

When talking what inspires them, the artists, Elke Le Roux says that for her in her art, it is, “beautiful objects, people, flowers, colour, good art.” And in life it is “people with a passion for life. Positive people. People with a drive for life. People who try, make mistakes and then just go again.”

Zelma Kaurianga of Kandiwapa Crafts, says it is “uniqueness and simplicity. I like to create simple and unique products which reflects my style and approach to life.”

Leon Engelbrecht of Unleashed Design says for him, inspiration comes from “Other past and present creatives in the world. Seeing how people manage to express themselves through their chosen art form or craft medium, truly inspires me. Whether it is art or photography, challenging a certain belief system, or a beautifully designed and crafted chair, the level of creativity and quality of workmanship that is currently on the rise everywhere just astounds me. I’m totally hooked.”

Monica Rossouw of Mooi Mooi says for her, inspiration comes from her family and happy clients. “My family inspires me, my husband and my two little boys. I got the name for my small business from my boys. When praising them for their good behaviour I always say, ‘Mooi mooi’. And when I was looking to name my business that just seemed fitting as I am doing this for them. Secondly anything pretty inspires me and I love selling pretty items and watching people fall in love with an item. Happy client equals happy me.”

Inspiration Tables 2017 opens on Friday the 15 September 2017 at 10am. Find out more about Inspiration Tables 2017 by clicking here or for ticket information, click here


Written by Kirsty Watermeyer