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The Benefit of the Melody

Music has been attributed with healing powers since ancient times, with even Hippocrates, considered the founder of medicine, having been known to use music as part of his treatment plan for patients. Today, science has backed up the belief in the healing properties of song and confirmed melodies psychological and physiological effects, with reputable institutions such as Harvard Medical School concluding the beneficial affect of music on blood pressure, anxiety and more.

Acclaimed Namibian Theatre Director Sandy Rudd agrees, and is urging all to use her up coming production as an opportunity to treat themselves to the healing benefits of music. “This is wellness.” Says Sandy as she enthusiastically explains her latest production.

“Even when I’ve gone through bad patches, I’m determined that my hair looks fabulous so no one has to know what I’m going through. Once my hairdresser thought I was having an affair, but I was actually just going through quite a tricky patch with my own health and various things. Sometimes you need to spoil yourself with the external and the internal starts healing. Going to a show is the same, it’s like a fantastic massage and the beauty of this show is you will recognise the songs.” Says Sandy.

Sandy is about to open a cabaret production, that features the music of Jacques Brel, a Belgian Singer and Songwriter from the 1950’s, whose songs have been covered by many iconic musicians, including Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, David Bowie, Céline Dion, Nirvana and more. “No one knows this man unless you are old school because he is ancient, but the point is he’s been covered more than the Beetles. You will know the songs and there’s something quite delicious in going to a music evening and suddenly you know half the songs, because they become part of your own story.” Says Sandy as she shares how she recently found an album in a second book store, “Oh, my gosh, I’m going straight back to my lounge in Malawi when I was ten years old and my mother used to play this music all day long and it’s just gorgeous. We all have our own, our own theme tunes of our life. These songs have been part of your life and you don’t know them until you hear them.” This, Sandy says, is a key ingredient in the therapeutic effects of music, “The familiar is always a comfort. That’s what this is, it’s the familiar.”

When asked how this and other musical events can provide therapy, Sandy notes, “If you go there with a big open heart, you’ll go back with an even bigger open heart”.

The show, which opens on the 13th of September 2017, at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek, boasts talented singers Esther Fellner and Lize Ehlers, whose melodic vocals will be backed up with a baby grand piano. Lize, the multi-award winning songstress, and Esther, who has performed with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, promise to bring these timeless songs to life. In addition, two top Namibian dancers, Tulimelila Shityuwete and Odile Muller will be performing show stopping dance routines with Madam Marie, as the MC, who will be lightening the evening with a stand up comedy moment. Through music, dance and comedy, this event offers the tonic of cabaret brimming with passion.

“You must feel it.” Explains Sandy who adds that many of the songs will be sung in French as these songs were originally sung in Flemish and French, and to add to the affair, some have been translated into Afrikaans by Lize Ehlers for this show.

When asked what people will walk away with after attending this event, Sandy notes, “I just want them to feel good about life. To say ‘Life is beautiful, life is sweet.’ It’s been a tough year, but now it’s spring, spoil yourself and have a little spring in your step. Just get back to feeling what’s important inside you.”

For more information about the World Class Cabaret Show, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and living at the Warehouse Theatre, directed by Sandy Rudd, click here



Written by Kirsty Watermeyer