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Chiseling Into the Poaching Pandemic

Raising funds to assist in the fight against poaching, is one of the aims of the Hunters United Against Poaching Trust. Through various projects this trust has been actively generating funds which are used to train and assist game guards in the field and anti-poaching units. One such fund raising project was the recent carving of the marble Rhino at the FNCC in Windhoek.

“NAPHA is the Namibia Professional Hunting Association, and these are people out in the field that are on a daily basis encountering dying animals, carcasses, tusks being removed etcetera. They decided they need to do something about it. Very often they come across a poaching scenario that has just happened and so they said ‘We need to do something about it’. Our MET (Ministry of Environment and Tourism) will not be able to pull this off on their own with very limited resources.”

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we spoke to the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association, Tanja Dahl, about this and other projects of the Hunters United Against Poaching Trust.

“I think very often hunters are being made out as killers, as murderers, as people who just want to shoot animals to put it very bluntly, but hunters are conservationists. They love the outdoors, they love the habitat, they love nature and the first and foremost goal of any hunter is great habitat and sustainable use of wildlife. We all love Namibia, we love it’s vast open spaces but all of us treasure our abundant wildlife and this is what needs to be preserved for many more generations.”

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Tanja Dahl, here :