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The MYD Show – A Mind of My Own with Afra Schimming Chase

In this episode of the MYD Show, Afra Schimming Chase joins us to discuss the power of our frame of mind, and how our mindset can determine everything in our lives, from our wellbeing to our financial situation.

“Something you will find is that people who are challenged with money, the challenge is often a lot deeper than the money story. When you go back into their past and you review their experiences you will find that at the bottom of it is some or other negative connotation that has been made around money. I think the value of being able to coach people through that is that at the end of that process, one they get to see what it is that has created that negative story and two, they get to create a new one.”

Afra is a Partner at FranklinCovey Namibia and a certified Financial Planner. Through her personal experience she demonstrates the power in owning your own mind.

“Growing up I didn’t necessarily have the tools that I have now and I think in my previous life where I did the whole corporate thing, there was a point in my journey that I suffered from nervous exhaustion, or burnout if you could call it that and I am very very clear that I am fully responsible for that entire episode in the sense that I allowed external circumstances and thoughts to control me, to the extent that I worked myself into a depression.”

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