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Crime Shifts to Formal Suburbs, City Police

“Now it’s moving to the formal locations like residential in town, we’re talking about the business premises located in the industrial areas Prosperita, Northern Industrial and even areas such as Klein Windhoek and Ludwigsdorf. So it’s shifting,” said Cillie Auala Public & Community Relations Officer at the City Police.
Auala noted that despite normal law enforcement activities they try to reach out to communities through public presentations and community meetings in order to educate communities on crime prevention. “We have CCTV cameras around the city, so we encourage community members also to meet the police halfway to buy these cameras for themselves, for their area, provided that they have the consent of all neighborhood residents in that area, because we have to put the right to privacy into consideration,” Auala added. In this situation where it shifts to town side, this is something new to them so I just want to advice, I am not saying people must become completely helpless, but I’m saying when you find yourself in a situation confronted by a criminal who is armed, please do not fight back, your life is more important than that cellphone or that handbag,” Auala noted.

This week Spotlight News speaks to Cillie Auala, Public and Community Relations Officer at the City Police about:
– The rise in crime in residential areas,
– How to meet City Police halfway,
– The role of the media as an educator,
– The shifting of crime to the Central Business District,
– And what to do when confronted by an armed criminal.


-Maggie Forcelledo