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The MYD Show – Independent Connection with Gina Figueira

Curator of Collections at the National Art Gallery of Namibia and Artist, Gina Figueira, joined us in studio for this episode of the MYD Show.

“Artists are giving something of themselves in their art making, and that’s a vulnerability that you produce when you open yourself up for that sharing, and I think that it’s only though making yourself vulnerable that you can start to really connect at a level that is meaningful.”

Here we discuss the arts in Namibia, growing up with her iconic photographer father, Tony Figueira, and why we should always question.

“I think that even connections you might see as a negative or as positive, those are things that we attribute to that connection. We say that this was a good or a bad connection with someone or something, but that connection is still there, that interaction still happened. To just be blind to those connections and not look at how they make you feel or what they teach you or what they teach the other person, is to really go though life with blinkers on, that if you took off could aid with your self knowledge and your knowledge of other people.”

In this MYD show podcast we find out:

  • The latest developments in the art arena in Namibia
  • How Gina became the Curator at the National Art Gallery and why this is important to her
  • What it was like growing up with such an iconic father, Tony Figueira
  • What conversations Gina would like us to have that will encourage empowerment

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Gina Figueira, here :