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Don’t Let the To-Do List Distract You on the Road

As the holiday season approaches and Namibians set off to their favourite relaxation destination, the hustle and bustle of it all can lead to many distractions as this is evident on our roads over the festive season. With the increase in reckless driving behaviour, Namibian lives are endangered. Taking necessary safety precautions on the road can mean the difference for your holiday season. And this applies to both the open road and in towns and urban areas, as the streets are busier and drivers are distracted by their holiday to do lists.dmtm9a1

As Hileni Fillemon, the Manager of Corporate Communications for the Namibian Roads Authority, says “As we enter the festive season, the Roads Authority would like to appeal to all road users to take a conscious decision and be responsible when travelling on our road network especially long distances and in the evenings. Please stop speeding, do not overtake at blind spots and do not drive under the influence of alcohol.”

Deputy Commissioner Ralph Herbert Ludwig, the Head of Traffic Law Enforcement Division of the Namibian Police Force, was quoted recently in a local daily as saying, “Road Safety concerns everyone, and it is, therefore a message that needs to be repeated.” He went on to say, “Road accidents can be avoided if drivers are driving responsibly.”

Here are a few tips to stay safe on the roads during the holiday season :

  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Slow down
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Don’t talk and drive
  • Watch for emergency vehicles
  • Be alert and aware

Hileni notes that, “The Roads Authority has a number of on-going projects countrywide and we would like to appeal to all motorists to adhere to the cautionary road signs that are erected at the sites. Naturally, drivers should reduce their speed according to the condition of the road and surrounding areas.”

Heleni adds, “Kindly contact us at (061) 2847059 or 2847145 to report any pot holes or wash-a-ways our national road network.

mva-emergency-numberAlso remember to save the MVA’s accident reporting number and call if you see or are involved in an accident so that help can be dispatched. The number is 081 9682.