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Tips To Ignite Your Creativity

Creativity is something not limited to artists, but something that is alive in every human being. As with anything though, creativity is a cumulative activity; the more you do it, the better you get at it.

While we may feel tired from the year that was, the holiday season is a great time to get the creative juices flowing and keep them flowing, because creativity loves a change from routine.

To find out some ideas about using our free time in a way that ignites creativity, 99FM’s MYD Art spoke to four dynamic woman from the National Art Gallery of Namibia. The four, Ndeenda Shivute, Helen Harris, Gina Figueira and Annapaula Vakamuena are part of the team that work behind the scenes at the NAGN, and who spent the last year working to build a space where Namibian artists have a platform, and all can enjoy the restorative tonic of art and creativity.

“It is important to also take breaks and allow for some space; some of the most creative bursts can actually happen when you think that you are not doing anything” – Ndeenda Shivute, Curator at the NAGN

“The end of the year is a great time to use your creativity to process the year, especially now that there is a bit of time to rest and reflect” – Helen Harris, Curator at the NAGN

“Reflect on the things that went well over the past year, as well as the things that didn’t. See if there are any parts of either of these that you may want to expand on or explore in a new way” – Gina Figueira, Curator at the NAGN

“Explore social media, find and follow people who inspire you, or who are doing things that you find interesting!” – Annapaula Vakamuena, Communications and Marketing Officer at the NAGN.

Here are some more ways to inspire creativity, and they’re not what you’d expect : 

Take a nap

You read that right, taking a nap boosts creativity and what better time than when you have the extra time to do so. Studies show a link between a nap and a burst of productivity and creativity.

Take a walk

A walk can help you think and create with more clarity. Time in nature does wonders for our creative headspace.

Turn the music up

Music puts us in the zone, so liven up the creative juices with song.

Write down your dreams

Your dreams are one of the greatest sources of your creative inspiration.