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Feeling too tired to exercise? Here are some tips to stay motivated

Any fitness trainer will tell you that consistency is one the most important aspect of staying fit but there comes a time when you’ll be too tired to exercise. 

Here is a list of things to help you boost your energy levels when you find yourself feeling exhausted most of the time.

Pump up your Chemistry 

There is a scientific link between motivation exercise and the production of your “feel good” hormones (endorphins). Endorphins assist the body in relieving pain, reducing stress and improving concentration and focus. 

Keep the Winter chills at bay

It can be especially hard to stay motivated for exercise during cold Winter days. So to stay motivated, remember to stretch before each workout that happens outside. Not only does this loosen up your muscles in preparation for your workout, but it also raises your body temperature.

Eat energy-rich foods

Something as simple as changing the food you eat can give you more energy for exercise. 

Make sure you’re getting in enough Carbohydrates before and after working out which are known as energy-producing foods. Saturated fats and proteins are a bad idea if you want to stay energetic. For sustained energy, pack up on carbohydrate-rich foods like whole grains and crackers. Most fruits and vegetables are also rich in carbohydrates.

Stay motivated

A positive attitude and motivation are the key essentials to feeling like you have the energy for a workout. Don’t wait before it’s too late to get that motivation, instead, change your attitude now and work towards specific goals to help you stay motivated.

Get Moving!

One of the best ways to beat the laziness is to simply keep moving. Remember that exercise is actually the best way to avoid being lethargic and builds up your energy levels over time. Try out physical exercise that you enjoy and can fit into your schedule. That helps you stay committed and motivated for longer.