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#TheTribeExclusive featuring FortyEight Beerz

We’ve often wondered what exactly this young rapper was referencing when he came up with his unique name. 

Could it be the 48 beers one finds in four crates of beer or is there a deeper meaning to the name?

In this interview, FortyEight Beerz takes us back to the origins of his name and lets us in on what he’s been cooking up in the studio. 

What’s the deal with the name? 

Before I came up with the name I thought of something that represents me and my new style.  Something that represents where I’m from and what I stand for. 

A rap song typically has three verses consisting of 16 bars and that’s a total of 48 eight bars. But if I called myself that it would have been a little bit cliche so I thought of something else with bars. So what do you find in bars? There’s beer which is something that our country also produces and we produce one of the best beers in the world. That’s where FortyEight Beerz came from.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

It’s music that I’ve been listening to growing up and my life experiences too. And before I became FortyEight Beerz, I’d just been rapping about random stuff.

Why have you been underground for so long?

I’ve been learning and watching people do. I’ve been watching other artists and studied them. I also took the time to remind myself that as an artist you have a huge responsibility to carry a message. So I think I’ve matured enough over the time and I’ve worked on my art so much.

Any album on the way from you?

I’m also working on a second single to try and see how people react to it. I’ve gotten a great response from the first one, everybody loves it. For my second single, I’m working with MasterMind, then I’ll drop the album which will be called ‘The Lost Crates’.

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