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#WomanCrushEveryday – Zodidi on authenticity, community and growth …

Our #WomanCrushEveryday is the phenomenal force of a woman, Zodidi Gaseb. Also known as Zoey, this entrepreneur and creative being give us a breakdown of what her businesses are built on. 

From a foundation of strong values to consciousness on social issues faced by her community, Zoey lets us in on her holistic approach to building a brand.  

How has your personal growth contributed to the growth of your business brands?

My brands have grown tremendously as I’ve incorporated holistic practices in my personal growth, I have learnt to balance and aligned my businesses as well. 

I literally live what I speak about through my brands as they are an extension of me, and I’m fortunate that the people I work with have also incorporated these practices in their life. 

What values are your business built on?

Self Love, consistency, passion, honesty, loyalty, innovation and creativity.

What is the modern entrepreneur’s duty in supporting social justice?

I’ve witnessed how entrepreneurship has shifted in the past few years. Entrepreneurs are motivated by finding solutions for the challenges experienced in our communities and using various tools, insight and resources to venture into a business that offers opportunities for the community and country as a whole. I believe that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities and entrepreneurship is one vehicle we can use to achieve this.

When we look at trading within Africa, there is a shift happening which is affecting how we do business and why we should incorporate our communities into the overall plan. When entrepreneurs realize we have a bigger role to play in the economic strength of a country, we change the narrative and move closer towards equal opportunities that benefit our entire ecosystem.

What would you do if money was never an issue?

I’d definitely be on international shelves and building a family empire that incorporates all of African Natural Production’s values. I would also be more involved with the women cooperatives that provide us with our raw material and see how we can build a sustainable system for them. 

I would also offer job opportunities within the company as it grows and plough back into the local cosmetics sector, offering collaborations within Africa and the world, viable partnerships and build a sustainable growth strategy. 

Oh, and I’d probably have a multitude of businesses too!

Name 3 things that keep you going?

Passion is truly what keeps me going. I love formulating and coming up with new products, knowing I can play around in that space keeps me up until 2 am sometimes.

My children and the commitment to provide for my family is also a driving force as I’d love for them to be financially free to pursue their dreams and have the opportunities I didn’t have. That is why building a family legacy is important to me. 

Lastly, but definitely not least is my dream to continuously change and influence my community for the better by providing opportunities for others, by engaging in overall healing and self-love and to provide a conscious community with non-toxic solutions for their hair and skin.

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